Do you like watching ads? Neither do we!

ContentM Group is based on many years of experience in working with advertisers and the media. It is the answer to the changing model of media consumption and the opportunities that are available for those who seek innovative solutions.

Content Marketing is a field which enables to bring together media and in a way that wasn’t possible until now. It’s the area in which brands and advertisers communicate with consumers in a language which is interesting to the latter and which lets them engage in the content, not only in the advertising message.

This all happens in the environment in which we can directly measure the effect of these actions and their impact on campaign results.

Feel invited to browse the audio and video materials, in which Michal Daniluk, the founder of the agency, talks about the changes in the media and advertising market. We encourage you to contact us – we will visit you to present you our products and services with great pleasure.

Michał Daniluk

CEO and Founder of ContentM Group
For years has been commenting and actively creating the media and advertising market in Poland

As he has worked in several media agencies, he has been responsible for media strategy for various brands such as Reckitt Benckiser, Red Bull, Ikea, Mentos or Liberty Direct.

His experience and the wide perspective on the media and advertising market resulted in the creation of ContentM Group, in which we combine editorial content with advertising. This is all for making advertising attractive and relevant for a particular consumer.

We would like to invite you to see the materials in which Michal talks about current issues connected with the media. You can also contact us right now.