Ads on mobile – how does it work?

Have you ever seen your ads on mobile? Or tried to use your mobile site the way you wanted? Did it work?

This and other questions are those the industry tries not to remember about too much. Not because we underestimate mobile. Mostly because we believe that mobile is still just a portion of traffic, viewership and our marketing efforts. The one we should not pay too much attention to. Why waste money and time when there are so many important things to do. At the end of it is consumer. Lost, annoyed, without the information or trying to dig through the site with small letters and pop-overs that appear out of nowhere.

And how about content marketing on mobile? What does it mean anyway? Does it mean we should pay attention to it on facebook, or upload something to instagram? Or maby – worst of all – finally, after so many years of talking – make sure our websites are responsive. But wait! Responsive? Is it a good idea after all? Some say responsive is past. Now we should focus on user experience on mobile… no, we’ll just leave it for a while…. just one more year and we’ll get back to it.

Each year we hear about mobile internet growing and advertising not catching up to it. It’s high time to face the truth. This space – compared to desktop – is fragmented, annoying, technically complex and – we like it or not – evolving constantly. You can’t just say it looks good on ipads and forget about a variety of android or windows tablets. You can’t even say it looks good on android since the same thing will look differently on Sony and Samsung phone! What a shame! Of course you might end up with being very happy about what you do on mobile looking at your ipad and still piss off large number of people.

Is it worh your efforts? Taking into consideration how many people – and how often – use their mobile phones comparing to desktop the answer is simple. The execution is not. But if it is done well it can bring us customers who are happy to interact with your brand. And when I say interact – I mean truly and politely touch it, many, many times a day. Whatever it means to you – it’s good to make that touch feel good to them. They will pay well if it is so.