RTB Audience Targeting enters Facebook

RTB Audience Targeting enters Facebook

RTB Audience Targeting enters Facebook – the publisher joining commercial platforms is a chance to meet the expectations of stock exchange investors – writes Michał Daniluk from OMD.

On a daily basis we talk about the advantages of a new form of reaching consumer on the Internet. Finally, after years of talking to all people and flooding consumers with unwanted advertisements we can talk about a revolution. A digital revolution happening on the Internet and connected with the ways the media are bought in general. We stop communicating with all the people hoping that a group of them can possibly be interested in our product. We start to analyze consumers in real time and optimize campaigns to reach those that can be really interested in a given product. We analyze and store more and more data.

A new form of purchasing advertising space rapidly wins hearts and wallets of advertisers. The effects of operating in the RTB Audience Targeting Model speak for themselves. The main advantages of this purchase model are the analysis of huge amount of data and the precision of reach. It’s a kind of reversed logic – focusing mainly on the consumer/the Internet user, not on the analysis of views at a particular publisher’s place. All that allows gaining significantly higher ratings, as far as user engagement and the quality are concerned. From the consumers’ point of vie it is a system which has also a lot of advantages. Instead of watching thousands of unwanted advertisements, they are given what they are interested in, right when they need it.

Facebook is another publisher who decided to join the game It is known for protecting its huge knowledge base connected with its users. They decided to make some of their advertising space available to the automatic external commercial platforms. In Poland, as for now, it is OMD exclusively cooperating with DataXu/Mexad, which was the first to be connected to the Facebook space.

What is the cause of that movement? It seems that it is a clear signal which confirms what we already know. RTB Audience Targeting redefines what happens in the world of advertising. In the short-term perspective, the main part of the advertisers’ money will be managed not based on the general demographic variables but on highly precise data analysis. Facebook, with its record-breaking assessment compared to income, right after it went public and was highly criticized, enters the field which should give it a new, concrete source of income. It is a clear sign for publishers who often fear changes. We will carefully observe how this movement affects the company’s results.

In the long run, it is clearly visible how RTB Audience Targeting enters more and more new fields. Not much time will pass and this model of media planning and purchase will enter, for instance, television. Today, TV sets connected to the Web are a standard option, and the tablet penetration in the US has just exceeded 30% of the population. It is all advertising space and advertising forms, which are already, or will be in the near future, connected to the RTB system. Facebook with its decision has just confirmed the direction of the changes.